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Roof Repair Part II: Adios Hole!

Kayd Roy3 Comments
Attention Ladies and Gentlemen...
I am pleased to finally announce that we no longer have a hole in our roof!  Yippeeee!

Thankfully over those 3 months, that tarp did serve it's duty to protect our home from further damages, even after all the severe storms we've had this summer.  So yes, I hated that thing, but Dry Tech certainly did a nice job securing it on our roof!

Wednesday morning, it was time to remove that tarp and close up that hole! Just the day before we had had all the attic insulation removed before this step could take place. 
I forgot how awful that hole looked after we had the tree removed from of our house. Sort of thought to myself, "Wow, that is what we were living under each day for nearly 3 months?!?!"

The guys from Dry Tech got to work bright and early on a beautiful, sunny day (thankful for the nice weather too!).  They needed to tear out all the damaged rafters and decking in order to replace them.
Just in case, here is an illustration of rafting (also called trusses) and decking.  I really had no idea what these were until that tree fell on our house, now I feel like I've learned a lot since then!
The trusses/ rafters form the triangular shape of a roof.  The decking is what lays over top of those wood beams (rafters/ trusses).  Got it?  Okay...

So, the guys cleared the affected area and then with a lot of big saws and tools cut open a large section of our roof.  They next removed any sections that were damaged and got ready to re-frame this section of our roof.
Up went the new rafters...
You can see the crossbeams in place in this photo.  They also had to cut open a new section of roofing during this step.
Then the decking started to go up!
Looking better!
Once all the decking was in place it was covered with ice and water shield.  No more hole!!!!  That tarp is covering some of the roofing that was only damaged on the surface and side trim which will be addressed when the new roofing is installed.
Our roofing is scheduled to be done next (check this blog post for the shingles we picked out!).  After the roofing is done we won't have ANY blue tarps around at all! 

I have to say, it is a huge relief to not have a hole in our roof anymore.  I think it weighed on my mind a lot, especially if it rained.  Very excited to get started on the brand new roof!

Stop by tomorrow for a goofy Head Over Heels post!