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Permits and an Introduction

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 I was able to share the good news that we had reached an agreement with our insurance regarding the repair amount for the damages our home sustained on the May 22nd tornado.  Nothing too exciting has been going on at our house since then (execpt a new wet wall), but I thought I would just give a little update. 

On Friday we reviewed our millionth revised estimate with our contractor and finally signed a contract to begin all the work (see damage list here).  Hooray!  It was pretty exciting!  Since we took that big step I think it is finally safe to stop saying "our contractor" and share who we have been working with.  We are pleased to introduce you to Dry Tech Restoration based in Hugo Minnesota!  
Dry Tech Thumbs Up!
We have been working with their General Manager Kevin and now our newly appointed Project Manager Curt. After the tornado, one of the hardest things we went through was choosing and trusting a contractor and we have been very happy with Dry Tech since the first day Kevin came to look at our house. We've also been thankful for all of Kevin's help educating us along the way regarding the repairs needed and the insurance process. So for a while blog friends, you will be along for our ride with Dry Tech Resoration until this house is whole again.  Alex and I will be taking on a few (smaller) projects on the repair list that we will share, but we certainly can't rebuild our roof, that would take some mad DIY skills :) After it's all done we swear to get back to our DIY ways!

*** Also (just in case anyone is wondering) we informed Kevin about our little blog here and got the a-okay to share this experience and their company with the blog world***

So where are we at now in the rebuild process? 
Permits, permits, permits!  Before any work can start we must have approved building permits from the city of Minneapolis. Note: Permits are necessary to regulate construction, maintenance, and remodeling so that the buildings will be safe; and to be certain that the work is done in compliance with city ordinances.  Just today our Project Manager went to the permit office to review our project with the city (hopefully it will all get approved) but, should they have any concerns they can also decide that there's a need to come out to our house to inspect the site/scope of work (I hope they just approve it of course).  So again, we are players in a new waiting game.

Side note: Does anyone else think of that goofy scene from Wayne's World 2 when you hear permit applications?  Or am I just a weirdo?
Will the permits get approved?

Will the work start anytime soon?

Will Roco and Sadie ever stop going berzek when the Dry Tech team comes over?
 (It's super embarrassing for us)

Only time will tell as our Home Repair Saga continues...

See you tomorrow for a more fun post Head Over Heels Friday!