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Head Over Heels Friday: On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals and Sarah's Story

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Happy Friday everyone!  It's Head Over Heels time!  I am really excited about this week's post, it has a little extra something special to it!

Photo from their Wedding Day via their website
Sarah is in the middle of an entire home redo project, not by choice though. Just over a month ago, the cute bungalow where she, her husband and two year old daughter Lucy lived fell victim to a house fire that destroyed their home and everything they owned. These pictures made me so sad!
The fire started in their basement due to a punctured aerosol spray paint can that ignited the flame from their water heater. The flames spread quickly through the rest of their home in a matter of minutes.

I just can't imagine seeing this happen to the home you live and build memories in, it's just awful.

I have written probably too many posts about dealing with the insurance process when you have home damages. As it turns out, I have met and connected with several people (including Sarah) dealing with the same issues because of our blog... which I have felt very grateful for!.  Most folks are victims from the tornado damage, but Sarah's was completely different with fire damage. It reminded me that the damage we are dealing with is so minimal in comparison to their situation. It broke my heart when Sarah explained that her toddler Lucy doesn't understand that when she goes home again all of her toys and things she loved won't be there.
After a few email conversations - as fate would have it - I discovered that Sarah and I work for the same company.  So it was only a few days later that we got to sit down and talk about our experiences with insurance, contractors, rebuilding and design decisions. Turns out we have a lot more in common than just our houses being busted up :) 

We both live in the same area (she's a NOMI gal too!), both work in a design related field, both are bloggers (check out the pretty pics on their blog!), and have a LOVE for vintage style!  When Sarah sent me a link to their rental business On Solid Grounds Vintage Rentals I was instantly Head Over Heels!  Anyone can rent from their collection for special events (perfect for weddings) or photo shoots. Take a look at some of these gorgeous items...
All items available on their "Collection" tab; photos via On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals

I don't know how she lets these go for rental?!?  I'd be hoarding them :) JK

Are you Head Over Heels for On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals?!?!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Sarah and learning about their story.  She has a lot of design decisions to make as they rebuild their entire home as well as replacing personal items they lost in the fire.  That is a WHOLE LOT of stuff to have on your mind!  I hope her story has a happy ending soon!

 If you have a moment please send some encouraging comments their way :) I am sure it will make her day a bit brighter!

Special thanks to Sarah for letting me share her story and On Solid Grounds Vintage Rentals!