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The Cutest Thing Happened In Our Backyard...

Kayd Roy5 Comments
Baby Bunnies!!!

Everyone all together now, "Awwwwww"

Our pup Sadie was the one who discovered these little guys in our backyard a few days ago during one of her potty breaks.  She kept digging her nose by our fire pit and was making really goofy howl-y type sounds.  Alex and I walked over to see what the problem was.  Alex pulled Sadie away and then when I saw something moving I freaked out!  My first reaction was that it was a rat, or a mole, or who knows!  Then Alex took a closer look and confirmed....

Baby Bunnies!!!  They had cute tiny round bunnies ears and their eyes weren't even open yet!  We are pretty sure there are just three of them.  It was impossible to get a good picture of all 3 since they just sort of popped up out of their nest and went right back in, but this was the best photo.  I think #3 was camera shy.
They were so adorable I just wanted to pick one up, but my 'I lived on a farm so I am a wildlife expert' husband reminded me to leave them alone (aside from photos of course).
After a quick trip outside their nest they hopped back inside their home.
And of course, Alex and I being the dorks we are, we had to name them :)

I hope I can get a few more pictures of Flopsie, Bopsie, and Hopsie once they get bigger or when their eyes are open.  Who knew we'd experience nature up close out here in the urban jungle?!?

Hope you enjoyed this full day's dose of cuteness!