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Add Another Room To The Repairs List...

Kayd Roy4 Comments
Time to share a new unfortunate problem we now have... Can you believe it? More problems? Yea, neither could I, but it's true!

Yesterday, a pretty big storm rolled through Minneapolis and several surrounding cities. We have had plenty of storms come by since the May tornado, but apparently this one must have been the strongest. Thankfully our tarp held out, no issues on that side of the house. But I noticed in our master bedroom a big water stain dripping down from the ceiling to the floor. Booo!
Top to bottom...

On the bright side, I was pretty calm about it, could be much worse. I guess more than anything I was just annoyed to see something else we had to get fixed that probably could have been avoided if the repairs were already done.  But I was also confused as to what happened on that side of the house now?  The other side is the one with the giant hole for goodness sake! Alex took a look outside and noticed we had more facia missing from that corner of our house but that didn't quite explain the location of the water intrusion.

I immediately called our contractor for his advice on the situation.  It was just over a week ago that we finished up our agreement with insurance on the prior home repair amounts- I had no idea what to do with a new problem.  He came out to take a look and thankfully informed us that the moisture in the walls was pretty minimal and that the lathe and plaster could dry out.  His assumption was that water may have came through some of the flashing around our chimney which is behind the wall where moisture was showing. 

We had to call our adjuster (ugh, again) to inform him of the new development.  So, our master bedroom is now on the repair list as well.  We already know we are getting a new roof and attic insulation where the water came in from all the previous damage (see that list and images here).  Now a fresh coat of paint is all we need to add to correct this new issue.
Ugghhh, when will it end?

Anyway, on the bright side we know our master bedroom will be have to be painted (and I already hate the pale green color that is in there today)... So holy moly I need to figure out what color we want to paint it and FAST!  Well, not super fast, could still be a month until they get to the indoor repairs.

The Help Flag is Up!
Do you have a paint color you are loving right now for a Master Bedroom?   Hmmm...

I'd love to hear every one's ideas or suggestions!  Comment away please!