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A Vintage Warehouse Stool In Need of Some TLC... and a Confession

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I was enjoying some free time wandering through Bauer Brother's Architectural Salvage yesterday and found this guy:
This little stool seemed to say to me "hey, I am rustic, chippy, industrial, and a bit vintage- Carla you can take me home and give me the Hammers and High Heels treatment and make me look cute!"

For just $10 I decided I was up for the challenge knowing this stool has the bones to turn into something really stylish.  But it sure is going to take some work!
The chair back had 'warehouse' written on it.  Call me Captain Obvious, but I assume this was used in a warehouse at some point.
I am pumped to get working on this warehouse stool and turn it from trash to a treasure!

And now, I have a confession to make... 
 I don't really have a need for a stool, or even a place to put it in our house, I am just DYING to do some DIY work on something!!!

Why? Because we can't work on anything in our house right now- and it's driving me BONKERS!
Since the upstairs of our house is still a big ol' fat mess with a hole in it and water damage from the tornado, we can't work on anything we want or need to. The only rooms we had planned to do some redo's/ DIY on are all upstairs (like the Master Bedroom redo I really wanted to get started on in May).
Our bedroom is still in 'Before' condition- when I was hoping to be closer to an 'After' 
It has been almost 7 weeks now, or 47 days to be exact- yes I am COUNTING days now.  I apologize if you are sick of hearing me complain about it, but I can't seem to help it at this point in time.  (Insert super sad face).  I am getting less and less optimistic as the days go by.

We have no idea when it will get fixed- and that totally stinks. I used to fill my time thinking up fun home decor and DIY ideas.  Now, the daydreaming has been replaced constant thoughts and worries about so many things related to the tornado damage (and I feel like it just gets worse as time goes by).  Worries like...

-Damages to our house, and if it sitting there still is going to cause more damage (water damage = mold)?
-Our insurance company, are they really trying to help us or save their own money?
-Is my cell phone ringer on and by my side in case insurance or the contractor calls?
 -Could Rocco and Sadie run away when they are outside because our fence is still broken?
-Will my house still have a hole in it when winter starts?
- How much more money out of pocket is this going to cost?
-Whenever a storm rolls through, will our tarp covering our house fly away?
 -Will Alex and I have to fix or repaint things ourselves?
-Our garage has no tarp, is that going to grow mold and deteriorate?
-Will they find more damage once the house starts getting fixed?
-Are all of my coworkers annoyed with me because all I talk about is the house damage?
-Will our house look/ feel the same once it is fixed?
-Are our neighbors having these problems too?  Are they feeling as worried as I am?

A bummer for Alex and I, anytime he asks me what I am thinking about I rattle off a question about our house, insurance, or the contractor.  It has made for very boring and depressing conversations for 47 days now.

Alright, so there was my confession.  Maybe putting all my worries out there will help me stop thinking about it so much.  And hey, maybe after spilling my guts here on the blog I will finally get resolution from our insurance and the house will get fixed.  Then this post will seem kind of funny- hmmm, I hope!

Thanks for listening, sometimes just venting helps :) 
If you have ideas for my stool redo let me know (and keep my mind off the house damage, hehe!).  Should I go totally industrial looking?  Or shabby?  Add a cushion?  What do you think?
I'd love advice/ words of wisdom from others that have gone through a similar situation with severe home damages.
Comment away! Pretty Please!