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Head Over Heels: Uniquely Attainable's Home Decor Store On Wheels!

Kayd Roy6 Comments
Have you ever wanted to open your own home decor store?  I know I have daydreamed about it before.... What about you?

Well, I recently found out about a gal that did start her own home decor store, and it is a one of a kind!  Why?  It is a school bus turned home decor storeWhat!?!   We all know food trucks/ vans have invaded cities all over, but a home decor store on wheels?  Crazy pants!  But good crazy pants :)  I was Head Over Heels for this idea and just had to go check out this school bus turned home decor store called Uniquely Attainable.

The brains behind this bus-tacular idea is Angela White.  When I went to go see and shop the bus I had a chance to chat with her.
Angela said she has always loved home decor and felt like she had to put her creativity into business!  She purchased a school bus, gave it a nice makeover, and got her bus driver's license.  Then she began stocking the bus with repurposed, restored, reclaimed, resale, and homemade items.
 Her goal is to sell unique items at attainable prices!  I love it!

Let's take a little peek at some of the merchandise....

For more you will have to just swing by and see it for yourself if you are in the Twin Cities.  You can check her website, Facebook, or Twitter page to find out where she is set up each day. 
Follow that bus!!!

What did you think?  Isn't it a fun DIY- spirited idea for a store? 
I will be out and about for I LoveThrifting Day tomorrow (Saturday, July 9th).  Check the link to see who is participating in a city near you!  If you are in the Twin Cities and would like to join me and a few other local bloggers here's our plan:

10:00am Bauer Brothers - 2432 North 2nd Street Minneapolis, MN

11:30am Salvation Army Thrift Store - 900 North 4th Street. Minneapolis, MN

1:00pm Arc's Value Village - 6528 Penn Avenue South, Richfield, MN

Hope to see more Thrifters there! Hammers and High Fives!!!  My heels are ready to go!
Thrifters Unite!