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Head Over Heels: A Nostalgic Fourth of July

Kayd Roy5 Comments
There's just something about the Fourth of July that brings forth all sorts of nostalgic feelings for me. 

 I grew up in the somewhat smaller city of Grandville, Michigan.  Every Fourth of July was nearly as exciting as Christmas for me and I even recall counting down the days leading up to the 4th when I was really young.  The city had a HUGE parade at the beginning of the day followed by a carnival filled with arts, crafts, food, a basketball tournament, and ending with a fireworks display that lit up the summer sky.  I would spend the day with family and childhood friends.  It was really a one of a kind experience.  I've never seen any other town have such an amazing day long celebration that brought everyone together.  As every Fourth of July comes and goes, I catch myself wondering what is going on in good ol' Grandville Michigan.  I hope I get to show Alex what it is like someday (since I think he is sick of hearing about it each year).

The Fourth of July probably feels special to different people for different reasons, but I would guess most of us think about all things that feel very patriotic and traditional.  I am totally Head Over Heels for the simple traditions that Independence Day brings.

Here's to true American 4th of July style.  
~ cue America, The Beautiful by Ray Charles (the Sandlot anyone?)~

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-  Do you feel a bit nostalgic when the 4th of July comes around?  
-  Did/ does your hometown do anything special to celebrate?

Alex's parents will be coming to visit us this weekend for the 4th.  Sadly we still have an un-repaired Guest Room (due to the tornado on May 22), but I am really looking forward to the comfort of having parents here.  I still feel a bit sad about the tornado (and the fact that nothing has been fixed, ahem insurance) and parents still have a special way of making you feel better :)  Can't wait to see them!