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HOH: The Many Uses, Reuses, and DIY Ideas for Burlap!

Kayd Roy3 Comments
Like most DIY-ers out there, I just love the versatility of burlap!  There are endless opportunities for DIY projects that you can do with burlap, and it is super inexpensive. So this week I'd like to show you some of the uses and projects I am Head Over Heels (HOH) for! 

Here is the guide for where I found all of these fab burlap ideas:

I had to include a few other gorgeous ideas for burlap...

Using as curtains to divide a space (hmmm, should I do this in my Dressing Room/ Sitting Room?)
The Passionate Home
 Cover a cork board with burlap to add texture and style to an office.
Pottery Barn
 Drape layers of burlap over a nightstand to add a vintage touch.
My Finer Consigner
 You can go with my hubby's favorite use for Burlap...Backyard Sack races!!! HA!
 My money's on Greg Brady, with hair like that who can stop him! 
Also, check out my Burlap Decorative Pillows and Burlap Wall Decor projects!

Which idea are you Head Over Heels for?
I am seriously considering making this a weekly Linky Party in the next couple of weeks.  I want to start seeing what my blogger friends are crazy about each week and turn this into a more interactive experience. I will have to do some more research though on how to host a Linky Party.  I assume it is more complicated than it looks :) 
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