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Distressed Bulletin Board Wall Decor

Kayd Roy8 Comments
How was everyone's weekend?  Ours seemed a bit busy (hence the lack of posts), but I am excited to show you what I worked on for the Spare Room!  In the last post I showed some of the accessories for the space, but was kind of stumped for ideas for the awkwardly shaped wall behind the Ektorp chair...
I went back and forth about using different sized frames for photos and arranging them in a way that made sense, but it just seemed a bit forced for the weird space.  I kept thinking that I wish I could overlap photos... then a brilliant idea popped into my head!  Why not create a large bulletin board?  Then I could overlap images and pin up any cool pictures or ideas that I am in love with. I can also change it as often as I like!  Totally perfect for this sitting room space nearby my dressing room!

I guess I also kept thinking about that bulletin board I featured in my Burlap Head Over Heels post...
To give you a better idea it might look something like this (fingers crossed!).  But of course cuter with my own photos and artwork.
(looks like a cartoon- ha!)
To get started, I ordered the largest cork board I could find at a low price.  The best deal I found was a 36" x 48" board from the Container Store for $34.99- not too bad considering this thing was pretty huge!
The board looked pretty generic, so I had to add my special touch to make it more special.  I decided to paint it white and add a distressed finish for a vintage look. Believe it or not, this is my first time doing a distressed finish DIY project!  Here we go!

I started by sanding the wood frame into order to rough up the surface for painting.
 After sanding I put on 2 coats of white paint.
Once the paint dried I carefully rough sanded the frame to give it that distressed/ chippy look.
Ooooo, ahhh... it is looking older, loving it!

I just hauled the board back up into the Spare Room for Alex to hang for me.  It came with some special screws and brackets because of it's size. I thought I would leave this for 'the man' to do- otherwise there might be a few extra holes in the wall :)

Here is what I am dreaming up for the board. 
I have some vintage styled maps that I picked up at Posh in Chicago.  I thought I would combine them with some vintage fashion prints and old sewing patterns.  I want the space to have some more color than what I normally do in our house so it feels a little more inspiring and feminine.  I'm also getting a bit more freedom to design the space the way I want since Alex won't be using it as much as me (isn't he sweet?!?).

Anyway, I will be decorating the space and getting it ready for some 'after' photos for later this week!  Yay!  So what do you think?  Do you like the vintage fashion prints?  Any other suggestions for what I should put on the board?  Be sure to let me know if you have ideas!