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Decorative Accessories for the Ektorp Chair.... Green?!?!

Kayd Roy2 Comments
 I finally got a few things put together for the Spare Room! Check out my DIY pillow and the throw blanket I picked up at Ikea for $24.99.
 I never would have thought I would go for the color GREEN.  I have said before that the only colors you will never find in my house are green and orange.  I guess that is only true for orange now.  So what made me change my mind?  A couple things...

First, remember back when we hung this antique window (original to the house, found in our basement)?  It was hung in the Spare Room to divide the Dressing Room space and the Sitting Room space.  It has been hanging since February and it was painted a dark olive green.  I guess it has grown on me over the last few months? 
Secondly, I happened to stumble across this throw blanket at Ikea and just had to have it!  I think the pattern on it looks a wee bit vintage or even art deco. It was a total impulse buy, but then I thought it would look perfect on that chair in the sitting room by the antique window.  So olive green it is!!!  Who knew?!?!

Now onto my little DIY creation
I picked up a chair cover on clearance at Ikea for $5.00 since I thought the simple striped fabric looked nice.  I cut it into two pieces measuring 10" x 20" to make a decorative pillow with a non-removable cover. Then, with the right sides of the fabric placed together (wrong side showing) I sewed all 4 sides with my trusty Singer, making sure to leave a small section open to stuff the batting inside.

Once you are done sewing, flip right side out by pulling through the small opening you left un-sewn (for stuffing batting).

Here is how it looks pulled right side out.  I get extra points for lining up the pattern so nicely!  Perfect match on those lines!
Then start stuffing the batting in the un-sewn section.

Once you are done stuffing, hold the un-sewn section tight and stitch closed on your sewing machine.

So I will continue to work on this blank wall space...

But here is a little preview of the Ektorp chair with the fancy new decorative accessories!  I love the mix of the patterns!

I have a fun idea in mind for the wall now and it might incorporate these fun little vintage maps I picked up for just $5.00 each at Posh in Chicago.  More color!?!?  Whoa, what is happening to me?!?

Hope to see you back tomorrow for Friday's Head Over Heels post!