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200th Post and Craigslist Find for the Spare Room!

Kayd Roy5 Comments
Wowzers!  It is our 200th post!  That's a lot of jibber jabber from me!  Thanks for making it so much fun along the way!

Aside from our 200th post, we have another bit of excitement in the house!  Check out the Ektorp Chair and Ottoman for our Spare Room!
I bet you are wondering why that is so exciting, right?  Well, it is all because of the DEAL we got on this!  We only had to spend $80 for both...JUST $80!!!!  Crazy pants right?!?!  If you bought these new at Ikea the Chair would run $249.00, the Ottoman $129.00, and Covers for both $48.99.  So, brand new this set would have totaled $426.99!  So buying used (but in great condition) on Craigslist saved us $346.99... Hooray!

Now with the main furniture we needed to get the other side of the Spare Room finished up I can start decorating!  It is really a blank slate at this point, but I see so much potential to make it look special.

Here is another view of where the chair sits.  Again, the Spare Room is through a glass pane door off of our Master Bedroom.  I think it will make a sweet little sitting room.

I just love getting a great deal on something, it is that whole thrill of the hunt thing!  A tip for anyone else out there: If there is something you want from Ikea make sure you check Craigslist for it first.  A lot of times you can just search the name of that Ikea item on Craiglist and someone out there will have it.  At least that is what we find here in Minneapolis since there is an Ikea right in town.  Totally worked out for us with the Ektorp Chair and Ottoman, so glad I checked Craigslist!

My mind is spinning with ideas on how to decorate up this little space.  One challenge I see is that back wall, the ceiling slants upward (see red dashed outline), so I might be hard to figure out symmetrical decor.

If you have ideas, suggestions or examples of a similar kind of wall I'd love to hear/see them!  Please send me some comments, really need ideas on this one!

See you Friday!  My Head Over Heels pick for this week is something I know everyone is going to love!
So long 200th post... onward to 300!!!