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Things Are Looking Up

Kayd Roy4 Comments
It has been almost a week since the tornado hit our neighborhood.  Our house is 'buttoned up' for now and things are getting cleaned up; although the chainsaws and bulldozers haven't stopped.  Even with some craziness still going on, I woke up today and felt better.  Better in the sense that I feel like I can go back to living life as usual.  This past week everything was turned upside down and any sense of security and normalcy in life was gone.  I was unable to think of anything else but our house, roof, yard, dogs, contractors, insurance, my community, and neighbors.  Nothing else mattered much in my mind.  

Today (finally), others things (the normal things) started coming back and it feels good.  I went for a run with a good friend and Alex got out for a bike ride with his friend.  I got to dig into some blogs I love and got out to see some home decor.  I even did my hair and have my signature high heels on- ahhh it feels good to not feel like a hot mess for the first time in a while!  It is just nice to feel like my mind is free from all the stress.  Even though I understand my home will become a construction zone in a few weeks (wa-wa).

*****    However    *****

My mind has not completely left our community!  Now that I feel settled ( and not a mental case) I just want to get out and help! I got down to the 4th precinct police station to drop off some food for a potluck to thank our wonderful police officers that have helped us through this mess.  It was also great to connect with a few fellow Northsiders affected by the tornado.
Tracy, a resident of Old Highland helped to organize the potluck.  Thanks to Megan at Nomi Passenger for letting me know!  Food can still be dropped off for the 6:00pm and 9:00pm police shifts.
We will be out volunteering tomorrow morning at Farview Park with our local blogger friends Jessie and Lauren to help with relief efforts (anyone else that wants to help let us know)!  Also June 4th is Northside Volunteer Clean Up Day, they need 2,000 volunteers to get out and put our community back together.  Already 3,000 people have volunteered since Sunday, how amazing is that?!?  So call 311 (612-673-3000) to register and volunteer if you are local!

I plan on getting a couple much needed DIY and decor blog posts up tomorrow night and Monday.  Get pumped! Get ready!  It's been too long!  Hammers and High Fives!
Stop back tomorrow, it will be worth it!