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My (Icky) $10 Chair Needs A Redo

Kayd Roy7 Comments
Now that we have the radiator cover done and decorated, it is time to spruce up the rest of the Sunroom.  On a random trip to Bauer Brothers Architectural Salvage I found this chair buried in a dark scary corner of their warehouse.  I thought given the appropriate little 'face lift', it could be a cute little vintage chair!  So I haggled my way to a super deal at just $10! 

I love the shape of the chair, but really.....that was about it.
 The dark wood and the nasty old upholstery have to go! ICK!
First, I just threw away that cushion (it was bascially destroyed anyway).

Then I took some pliers and started to tear away the upholstery.
It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.  There we sooooo many staples!
Then I discovered that the inner foam cushion had pretty much disinegrated into dust.  It was so gross!  I decided I needed to take this project outside.
I continued to pull off the upholstery and all the old batting.
Once I had removed the 'aged' cover, I had to go around the base (where I pulled out the fabric) and remove all the staples with needle nose pliers.  This part took a while (and made my fingers hurt)!
So here's where we are now.  When I first found it I thought the chair back was solid or had the metal springs.  So we are going to have to come up with something for the back and make a new base for the seat.  I am planning on painting it white so it matches the radiator cover and trim.
I hope I can find some pretty faric for the base and chairback. Wish me luck! 

To Be Continued...