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Decorative Pillow With Envelope Closure Tutorial (and My Oops)

Kayd Roy1 Comment
Over the weekend I started shopping for some fabric for the radiator cover pillows.  Sadly, I wasn't having the best of luck finding a lot of fabric I liked.  I went into Joanne's and nothing caught my eye.  I then decided to stop at Ikea since I needed some pillow inserts anyway.  I ended up finding some cute gray and white floral fabric (named Rosemarie).  I was pretty excited and thought it might be perfect for our little sunroom where the radiator is. So, I made a couple pillows and wrote up a tutorial!

What is the 'Oops' part?  I finished them up and put them in the sunroom and thought, 'hmmm, well this looks a bit off'.  Sure enough I reviewed my inspiration post again and realized that, yep, floral was never part of my plan.  Boo! what the heck was I thinking?!?

But failure is okay (I thankfully remembered that from Grace Bonney) and on the bright side I have an AWESOME detailed tutorial for you!  And who knows, I might find a spot for these pillows somewhere else in our house, they are still pretty darn cute!

Pillows with an envelope closure are just about the easiest kind you can make.  All you need is your fabric, sewing machine, thread, scissors, a warm iron, and a pillow insert to stuff inside!  The last time I tried to write a tutorial on this I got some feedback that I didn't show enough about the closure and it was a bit confusing. So I hope I can TOTALLY REDEEM myself with this one (Dumb and Dumber anyone?).

Once you put a pillow inside you can see that the extra 5.0" of fabric inside the pillow covers the insert.  This creates a super simple DIY pillow cover!  See, none of the insert is visible, just folded inside and the fabric lays flat.
Here is a shot of the 2 duds I made. Okay, okay, they aren't duds, but for now since I won't be keeping them on the radiator they kind of feel like duds (wa-wa).
I'll be back Wednesday with an update on my pillow and decor dilemma.  Wish me luck and let me know what you think of the tutorial, I hope it is helpful!