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Vintage Numbered Button Napkin Rings

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I'm so excited to share this cute little project I did tonight!  Check out these beautiful vintage numbered button napkin rings (yep, that's a mouthful)! Aren't they the cutest?!?!
 Before I get started on the project, I guess I have to back up and give a little background on how this all came together (because a few people had a hand in this). 

Last Christmas, Alex's sister Amber and brother in law Ryan (check out their 1907 bungalow here) gave me these vintage lettuce edge and embroidered napkins along with...
 ...the beautiful tablecloth to match!  It was the perfect gift! The napkins and tablecloth were in crisp and beautiful condition for being antiques. 
 I simply didn't have a reason to share on our blog until now, so I pumped I finally got to share!
Back to those napkin rings...

While I was in Chicago, we stopped in a store downtown called P.O.S.H.  If you are in Chicago and LOVE vintage and antique style you should definitely stop in there! 
I saw these cute little vintage numbered buttons and fell in love, but I wasn't quite sure what to do with them.  My friend Sarah then suggested to make napkin rings out of them... WHAT?!?! YES! Great idea!!! Hammers and High Fives for Sarah!
 So once I got home I grabbed those vintage napkins and some twine and got to work.
 I threaded the twine through the two holes on each button.
 Then wrapped them around the folded napkins and tied the twine around the back.
 I just love how they turned out!
 They look just perfect with the vintage linens and twine.
Also, each number has a cute sentimental meaning of course (since I am a sap for that stuff).
 I think I will place these on my sideboard since they look so nice and we probably won't use them until Easter.  I'm still working on getting my Spring decor pulled together too, but as usual black and white will be part of the look!
So what do you think?  Do you love the vintage napkins and tablecloth as much as me?  How about the numbered napkin rings? 

PS- I think Spring finally hit Minnesota (knock on wood, it could snow next week), but I'm just loving this weather!

We just linked this up to the DIY Showoff's Project Parade!  

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