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Radiator Cover: Window Seat Decorating

Kayd Roy5 Comments
Now that we have a beautiful radiator cover (thanks to Alex's DIY skills!) that also doubles as a window seat, it's time I figure out how we are going to decorate it!  I have spent a little time searching for what I would like to decorate with.  It is also a little challenging because this room is open to our living room, so the styles need to coordinate/ compliment each other. Luckily, I guess my preferred style still hasn't changed all that much (surprise, surprise). 

*I still love... *
Flour sack type decorative pillows with printed text
Raised In Cotton
Neutral grays, blues, and light linen shades
House Beautiful
The crisp look of whites and grays mixed with natural sisal and burlap.
Interior Design Sense
I also thought about Layla and Kevin's reading room redo over on The Lettered Cottage.  I love their mix of decorative pillows: solid textural white, printed burlap, printed stripes, and one fun embroidered pillow.   I think this might be a fun mix for our little window seat, although in greys and blues for our room of course!
The Lettered Cottage
 So, I'm hoping we can improve the look of our empty (although beautifully painted) radiator cover soon.

I started to do a little online shopping for the look I was going for.  Of course I found these beautiful Vintage Grain Sack Pillows at Pottery Barn that I just loved.  Although I did NOT love the $99.00 price tag.
Pottery Barn
That's when my friend Sarah informed me of an awesome online fabric store, oddly enough simply named Online Fabric Store.  They sell authentic used burlap sacks at really low prices!  I ended up ordering 4 of these printed sisal coffee bags for $2.40 each....
Online Fabric Store
And 3 of these burlap coffee bags also for $2.40 each

Online Fabric Store
It was a heck of a deal totaling $16.09!  I'm not going to use all of them on this project. I plan on making a couple pillows- depending on their condition- when I get them (which is in 5-7 business days). I'll be sure to let you know how they look once they arrive!  Hammers and High Fives for Sarah!  Awesome find!

  To coordinate with the burlap/ sisal pillows, I think I'll make a couple simple striped pillows like these.
Pottery Barn
Then add a couple simple white pillows like this one.  I think it would be really easy to make and I can pick out some cute buttons!
Pottery Barn
 Also(this part is for Alex), not sure if I will make a cushion for the bottom of the seat or buy one, but there will be a bottom cushion.
Alex was really worried about the cushion part of all this, silly boy!

So that's the plan!  I hope it works once I get all the materials together and my sewing machine going.  If you have any other ideas or suggestions let me know!