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My 'Egg-cellent' Adventure: Pottery Barn Inspired Easter Eggs

Kayd Roy2 Comments
Take a look at my beautiful Pottery Barn inspired Easter Decor!
As I mentioned in my Spring Decor Inspiration post, I am in LOVE with these little 'Happy Easter' Pottery Barn eggs! 
Pottery Barn decorative eggs, retail $18 for the set
 Of course I didn't head over to PB and buy them, that's not what we do here in the Hammers and High Heels world.  I had to do a little DIY project and make them! So here we go!

I picked up some cute (although too pastel for me) speckled eggs at JoAnne's.  They were 50% off so I picked up 2 packs for $3.49 each.

Since I needed just plain white eggs (which believe it or not are impossible to find) I decided the easiest thing to do was spray paint them white. Luckily these eggs already had a ribbon loop attached at the top for hanging. So I just hung them from a wire hanger and started spraying.
Goodbye pastel eggs! 
After the paint dried I had some plain white eggs ready for some 'Happy Easter' messaging!
I picked up this Elmer's Painters Pen for $3.99 at JoAnne's to add the letters to the eggs.  I have to say, this pen was awesome, so much easier than if I had to paint with a brush!
I kept my Easter Pottery Barn catalog open to the page with the eggs on it to use as a guide.  The letters on the eggs are pretty basic but with a roughed up look. So I just wrote the letter...
and then scribbled the lines of the letter to thicken it up and make it look a bit rough like the ones in the catalog.
Here are a few more pictures once I got going on all the eggs...
Not bad right?  I think they looked pretty darn similar!
 So here is how Pottery Barn displayed the Easter Eggs in their catalog.
I wanted something similar looking, but we really don't have the space for that amount of branches. I picked up some Forsythia branches from a local floral shop for $5.
So here's what I put together, so fresh and cute! I like that the eggs are hanging from the little buds on the branches as opposed to having all of them displayed at the bottom. Honestly the hardest part was hanging the eggs on those little branches. If one egg fell or the branch tipped I had to start all over; It felt like I was playing Jenga.....the home decor DIY edition of course.
  If you are curious about the bottom half of this DIY display, I put the branches in a tin vase.  I then added a candle under that vintage light bulb cover I mentioned in my last post, accompanied by yet another candle resting on a little nest from Michael's.
 I even put a few little eggs on top of our wine corks. I think it's fun that they're hidden among the bunch!
 What do you think?  Good effort on the PB look?  Has anyone else made their own version of these cute little eggs?
My next post will be the rest of my non-pastel Spring decor!  Woo-hoo!