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The 'Hottest' Seat in the House: Alex Designs a Radiator Cover and Bench!

Kayd Roy9 Comments
While I was away in Chicago and Grand Rapids, Alex got to work on a new surprise project!  I was soooo excited when I saw what he was working on when I got home!

We have a small room on the backside of our house that is adjacent to the living room. In this room sits a long radiator that is sandwiched between 2 walls.  Take a look...
 We always thought this would be a perfect spot to build a radiator cover/ sitting bench.  Here are a couple images to get an idea of what we are talking about...
Isn't it an awesome way to add nice window seating and reclaim what would have been unuseable space!?!  It also means that I get to make some new cushions and pillows to style up this little space! Yes!!!!
PLS Custom Design
 So, here is a picture Alex took of his game plan for the DIY radiator cover/ bench.
We have all the supplies and Alex has been working away for a few days on the cover.  For now this is a little preview of where he is at, but we will have more detailed DIY post to come once we get finished up!
Just for fun, here is a shot of Alex's worker buddy (aka a gratuitous Rocco photo).

Working hard? Hardly working?  You be the judge :)
I'll continue to take photos along the way while Alex and Rocco work and the post should be up in a few days!
Happy Monday!