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Head Over Heels: Salon Rouge in Minneapolis

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If you like French inspired, ultra dreamy, vintage modern decor then this post is a MUST SEE!  

I'm really excited today to share one of my favorite places in Minneapolis, Salon Rouge!  I'm am soooo Head Over Heels for this beautiful salon right in the heart of downtown Minneapolis! I was in for a cut on Tuesday and realized I had to share this with my blog friends, local and non-local- it is totally worth a peek!
Via Salon Rouge website and Photomoss Photography

Why I am so in love?  Not only do they offer world class hairdressing and beauty services (I always get a glamorous haircut from Nell!), but the decor is BEAUTIFUL!  

This salon is decorated with authentic flea market finds from Paris.  It is absolutely stunning!  Owner Richard Staab co-designed the salon stating "By mixing antiques with more modern pieces I love creating a space that transports clients somewhere else"~ and it does!
Via Salon Rouge website and Photomoss Photography

 Located off of 13th Street and Hennepin Ave, the salon is positioned in the lower level of an old brownstone building.  The basement position only adds to it's charm.  I always love walking down the staircase when I enter.  Along the wall are Marie Antoinette style photos inside vintage frames and gorgeous chandeliers hang above.  Talk about the red carpet treatment!
Via Salon Rouge website and Photomoss Photography

 Since it is the lowest level, it has it's original historic stone walls separating the reception/ store area and the salon.  How devine are those red velvet curtains?!?
 Here is a look at the salon area, isn't is absolutely fabulous?  I love that the mirrors are inside vintage woodwork.
Via Salon Rouge website and Photomoss Photography

 This is the view of the mirrors on the other side.  Love the frames and the red glass tile, just glam!
 Back in the store/ reception area is more beautiful french inspired decor.  You get a good look at the red and white french toile wallpaper here, I'd love to get my hands on some of that! All of the tables, lamps, frames and dress forms are all vintage finds.  The space is just amazing!
Via Salon Rouge website and Photomoss Photography

Here is a closer look at one of the vintage lamps and table display.
 Lastly, here is a look at the first thing you see when you enter the salon at the top of the stairs.  How fun and gorgeous is that?  Vintage mirror, stained glass, even roses?
Via Salon Rouge website and Photomoss Photography

Sigh, I am waaaaayyyy Head Over Heels for Salon Rouge!  
If you are in Minneapolis, make sure you stop in to this beautiful salon, or make an appointment, you won't be disappointed! You will leave feeling like you just took a trip to Paris, feeling pampered, and you hair will be looking fabulous!

So what did you think? Are you just as in love as I am? 
Have a great weekend everyone!  I will be furiously working away at those pillows for the radiator cover/ window seat!