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Head Over Heels: Jayson Home and Garden - Chicago

Kayd Roy2 Comments
Do you ever get that feeling when you walk into a home store and think "whoa, everything in here is just perfect, like it was meant for ME!"?  Well I got that 'Me' feeling when I stopped in Jayson Home and Garden in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood.  I was indeed Head Over Heels for this place!
Jayson Home and Garden sells sophisticated and unique home furnishings (again this one is on the higher end price range, but a girl's gotta dream and get inspired!).  Much of their style is inspired by antique or flea market finds.  They even have a page on their website called 'Petite Flea' where they feature one of a kind finds from Palm Beach, Provence, Belgium, and more!  Be sure to take a look at their 'Curiosities' tab, so many neat little flea market finds!

So let's take a peek around the store! 
Vintage doors and trunks stacked on the wall... beautiful!
An antique harp case?!?  Wowzers!
Love those little vintage alphabet chalkboards

Love this blend of print and patterns on the bedding
Oooo!  Dress form spotted!
More trunks and industrial shelving to be jealous of
And crates!  You know I can't get enough of those!
Did you notice that they use all neutrals with a pops of red, or red/orange print, or animal print accessories?  They also use lots of greenery (it is a Home AND Garden store after all) to add a pop of color in each space.  I thought the look was so refined and fresh.
What did you think? What did you like?  I'd love to hear it!

Our weekend is sure to be busy!  I have been nagging asking Alex to finish up our radiator cover so I can write up a DIY post! Feel free to post some cheeky comments to get Alex pumped up to get that radiator cover done! Hehe!