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Head Over Heels: Heritage Hill Neighborhood; 2011 Best Old-House Neighborhood

Kayd Roy3 Comments
I am back in good ol' Grand Rapids Michigan today! I am overly excited to see my family and friends while I am here, but I also started thinking about something fun I could share about my hometown city.

When I was little (and I guess still now as a 'grown up') I loved cruising through the Heritage Hill neighborhood just outside of downtown Grand Rapids. I think this could be where I first fell Head Over Heels in love with old historic homes.  The neighborhood is one of the largest urban historic districts recognized by the National Register of Historic Places.  I also just discovered that This Old House selected Heritage Hill as one of the 2011 Best Old-House Neighborhoods!  Go GR, what an honor!!! 

Here is a little snippet of their description of the neighborhood:
"The 1,300 homes here include some dating back to as early as 1844, and a remarkable array of styles is represented. You'll see everything from Italianate and Chateauesque houses to later Tudor Revivals; there's also a wealth of Greek and Colonial Revivals, Queen Annes, and even a Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie-style home."

The Heritage Hill Association is doing a Home Tour May 21st and 22nd (so bummed I won't be in town for that!). Although their website featured some photos of the homes featured on the tour.  If you are ever in Grand Rapids you totally need to check out these gorgeous old homes! 

I thought I would share a few of the Heritage Hill Homes I am Head Over Heels for!  Also.. if you need inspiration for an exterior home redo, this is great! Enjoy! 

Isn't each home just so unique and screaming with character?  There are plenty more to oogle at on the tour website.  I always imagine if Alex and I ever move back to Grand Rapids I would love to buy an old house in this area that's in need of a little TLC.  I'll put that on our maybe list for the future :)

So are you Head Over Heels for Heritage Hill too?
Hope you enjoyed all the beautiful Old Home photos!  I'm off to hit downtown Grand Rapids with some of my favorite gal pals I haven't seen in a loooooong time!