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Voila! Repurposed Vintage Grain Sacks... Tutorial Coming Soon!

Kayd Roy6 Comments
Grain sacks no more! Check out the window shade I made with those vintage grain sacks from my last post!  Isn't it gorgeous?  I didn't entirely go for the formal Roman shade look as planned, but I think this simple tiered balloon shade is just dreamy!
The best part?  It was SO EASY!

Again, here is a look at those $6 vintage grain sacks before I worked my magic...
 It took me about an hour this evening to put it together.  I took pictures along the way so I can write up a good tutorial on how to make one. 
 Thank you to everyone that posted a comment leading me to some other DIY roman shade instructions.  It actually inspired me to create my own SUPER easy DIY shade, I can't wait to share!
 Can you guess what my secret is for holding up those tiers? It might be something you have at home already if you have a stocked sewing kit!
So what do you think? 
I love the little ticking stripes down the center and sides along with the text.
I hope to have the tutorial posted by the weekend. 
On a related note- I am trying to improve my tutorial writing skills. I am aware sometimes I don't write enough information about each step.  So I hope this one is better! I took a lot more pictures than in the past and I will do my best explaining all the steps. 
I will also include better pictures of the Guest Room with both finished window shades!  A Head Over Heels post is coming up too! Get excited!