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Two Year Home Sweet Home Anniversary!

Kayd Roy5 Comments
Two years ago today marks the first day we walked through the door of our little Dutch Colonial as home owners.  I wrote a post about the experience when I started the blog (it was kind of a weird day).

Although our home just turned 87 years old, I still think our 2 years here have been very special!  I am very proud of the updates we have made on our house and how 'homey' it now feels. 

But more importantly, I am realizing how special and significant this home is in our lives.  Before living here, I had lived in 10 places in a span of about 6 years.  When I left the 'nest' and went off to college I moved around quite a bit, dorms and apartment leases.  Then Alex and I moved to Minneapolis and lived in an apartment then the fancy condo.  So, it is finally nice to have a place to feel settled in, a REAL home.

I'm pretty sure Alex, Rocco, Sadie and I won't be here forever.  But it is nice to know we finally have a place in the world with that is truly special to us.  Anyway, I guess it is a fun little anniversary to remember each year.  Does anyone else out there remember/ recognize their 'home' anniversary? 

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