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Head Over Heels: ABC Home...Vintage, Industrial, Antique, Linen, and More!

Kayd Roy4 Comments
Are you ready for a visual buffet of all things vintage, industrial, antique, linen and lovely?!?! 
Then let's take a peak inside my Head Over Heels pick this week... ABC Home in New York City!
ABC Home is a higher-end home store that sits in the Flat Iron District.  It is HUGE! Six floors of delicious home goodies to oogle at (or purchase if you've got a lot of extra dough to throw around).  I absolutely love looking at every little thing in this store! 

Let's start our oogling with some furniture...
I adore the way they mix french antique style furniture and industrial elements.
I about DIED when I saw that linen striped armchair....Swoon!
 Oh, and again when I saw this linen bench with Gothic text!
 The armoires and tufted sofas were so elegant.
 This tufted ottoman was amazing as well!  It was huge!
 Loved these metal chairs!  I have seen them at Pottery Barn too.  I have been looking for them at antique stores, but have yet to find any. I am wondering if any actual antiques of this style chair exist?
  This was a nice little surprise too! Vintage windows to divide up space... hmmm, that looks familiar :)
Lots more industrial elements for home
 In case anyone out there is looking for other random things to do with vintage luggage, guess you can display them on a shelf.  (Sarcasm Font) Ha! But it did look cool in the store.

Now let's take a look at all the rich linen-y fabrics...
Love how they incorporated the dressform!
 These cute little hearts had lavender inside.
I just fell in love with all of the soft linen bedding.  It just looked so relaxed and soft.

 Lastly, lets look at a couple awesome light fixtures...
This light fixture was cover with burlap fabric.  Thought it would make for a neat DIY project!
 Then this elegant chandelier enclosed in an industrial fixture.  So unique!

So, are you Head Over Heels for ABC Home just like I am?  Hope you enjoyed all the photos, it was fun to revisit and share! 

Hope to see you again tomorrow, we will be sharing a very special post!