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Northside Architectural Salvage Stores: Part II Guilded Salvage Antiques

Kayd Roy3 Comments
Continuing on from my last post, here is part II!  Dean's second recommendation was Guilded Salvage Antiques and House Parts.  This store wasn't as huge as Bauer Brothers so it was a bit easier to cruise through.  Goodness, it was a beautiful store! Sigh....
 I think this store was pretty comparable to Architectural Antiques in Northeast Minneapolis.  They had a lot of architectural antiques and merchandised them so beautifully.  It was a lovely store to cruise through on a Saturday!
 I was amazed by their table of home hardware/house jewelry.  It was so beautifully organized and really drew you in to look at each piece.
 The detail on vintage hardware amazes me, each piece is truly art.
 They had so many vintage street signs from around Minneapolis and her suburbs.
 This is a photo from the center of the store, I could have spent all day there.
 They also had a great stock of amazing salvaged doors.
 I loved all the vintage wrought iron pieces they had throughout the store.
This store was so beautiful, totally worth checking out.  I think the best part was that the staff/owners had a vast knowledge of most items in the store.  I was eyeing some cool bricks, and they were able to tell me which church state they hady come from.  Crazy!  

So here are the rest of the items I picked up on my trip!  Only $2 each!  I am hoping to make a piece of wall art with them using a shadow box.  I have some antique skeleton keys in a shadow box in our living room and I wanted to make a coordinating piece using these doorknob plates (since they have a skeleton keyhole).
I will definitely do a post about what I create with these and where we end up putting those antique woodwork pieces once they are cleaned.  Happy Monday everybody!
PS- I plan to do a couple posts about the remaining DIY antique crates and progress in the Spare Room Redo this week!