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From Architectural Salvage to Wall Decor... and Window Treatments?

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Remember these fun things I picked up for just $12 at my last architectural salvage adventure? (see Part I and Part II)
(Salvaged Woodwork and Doorknob plates)

Well they are now a part of our home decor!  Here is what I did with both...

Woodwork Pieces
First, the woodwork was terribly dirty (see first photo in this post), so I had to do some scrubbing  This is what they looked like after cleaning.  Our assumption is that these pieces were removed from a house that had burned down (sad).  The majority of what I had to clean off was ash.
Next, we had to put a frame hanger on the back.
Alex nailed it in place for me.
Then up they went on the wall next to the fireplace!  I love the rustic woodwork next to the exposed brick.
We still have to find a home for the other two.  I hope to show some more overall pictures of the living room, but I am starting to feel like we REALLY need some window treatments ASAP. That is now on our to-do list. Anyway, onto the next!

Doorknob Plates

 I got this from Target a year or so ago.  It is a shadow box with linen fabric and some vintage looking keys.
It inspired me to do something similar with these doorknob plates.
I went to Target and picked up this Room Essentials Shadow Box Frame for $9.99
I had some leftover burlap fabric from JoAnne's and cut it into a square to use as the background for the shadow box.  I think you can get some of this for $3.99 a yard at their store.
Of course I didn't cut a perfectly measured square (I hate measuring, it is so terrible!), so I pinned it into place and cut off the excess fabric.
Then I arranged them on the burlap fabric
Once in place, I used large T-pins to secure them to the board.  I didn't want to glue them in or do anything that was going to permanently affix them to the burlap. I put the pins where the nails/ screws would have been used when it was on a door. (Excuse the mess!  I actually did this project before heading to work this morning, crazy!)
Finally, here it is!
We hung it up in our living room as well.
 Here is what the pair looks like together, I just love it!  A match made in heaven!
Again, I didn't include shots of where we hung these on purpose, the wall still looked empty!  We really need window treatments! 
What do you think?  We currently have nice white wooden blinds on each window now (thank goodness they aren't the really awful plastic ones).  I'm really starting to think it is time for nice curtains!  We have that big window at the end of the living room, then a window on each side of the fireplace.  What color (and remember, I fear bold colors)?  What style? Any feedback in our comments would be appreciated! 

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