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That Old Stool Is "Alive"!

Kayd Roy9 Comments
We're done bringing that old stool back to life, hooray!  Once we got done priming that old stool with Rustoleum's Rust Reformer, Alex started spray painting. 
 I chose Rustoleum's Double Coverage in Heirloom White (my grandma's was white, so I had to re-create!).
So, that sad old lonely rusty stool I found for $24, went from here...
To here..
Then here...(You can see here we left the rubber foot pads as we found them since we covered before painting).
And Lastly... HERE!
This amazing, beautiful, refreshed vintage stool!
It turned out better than I had imagined!  At first I thought there was no way we could get rid of all the rust, but the Rapid-Strip worked just fine and the surface became smooth and new.
We still aren't sure as to the final location in our house, so these are a few pictures from random corners.  I'm thinking I also want to sew a seat cushion or something cute to give it a little more charm!
Isn't it amazing to see old junk come back to life?!?! Totally in love with this old stool now, I have wanted one for so long!  I think my grandma would love it too!