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Step Into The Light (And Airy Side of Our Sunroom)

Kayd Roy6 Comments
Phew, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I was in NYC for the past couple days (which means I might have some fun store photos to post soon!). Here are those before and after pictures of our Spare Room with the new window treatments that I promised. 

 Here is after we put up the window treatments. Don't the longer drippy curtains give the illusion that the windows are much bigger?  PS- you can see some of the supplies we are going to be using soon!
 Here's the 'before' from the other direction
And after. I still don't think it is quite perfect yet. I might have to add 2 more panels; one at each end.
This is a close up of the rod pocket I had sewn for the curtain. Oh, I should add that we hung the sheers on the old curtain rods that were there before. We hung them behind and a little lower than larger curtain rod (that was free, yay!).
 I think we will be replacing the white sheers soon (hopefully). Right now it is the cheap "mosquito net" curtains from Ikea and I would love to replace them with nicer sheers soon, maybe ones with a pattern or texture on them.  But so far the room is feeling a little more, well 'roomy' the curtains really helped cut down on the echo in there too!
Things have seen crazy busy for us since we have been working on this room and I had been traveling quite a bit.  Things should be calming down for a while, so I hope we can get started on the next steps soon... looks like Alex is going to be building something so we might have a good DIY post coming up!