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Shanghai Adventure: Part I

Kayd Roy3 Comments
It is the end of a busy day but wanted to write up a quick post! Friday was my first day out and about in Shanghai. We arrived here late Thursday night and went right to bed after checking in our hotel, didn't get to see much since it was night. When I woke up I got my first real glimpse of the city from the 19th floor of my hotel room. I still can't believe how MASSIVE this city is!!

We spent most of the day working but got out for a little exploring during lunch and dinner. I was surprised that all of the streets are tree lined, I imagine it looks beautiful in the spring and summer. The traffic is pretty wild, lots of people, cars, bikes and mo-peds everywhere you look.

 TONS of mo-peds, and they were not afraid to run you over if you stepped out in front of them!
Tons of bikes!
Here is the only photo I have so far that I'm in, this was at a small restaurant we stopped in for lunch. The food was amazing and tasted even better thanks to the quaint local atmosphere!
For dinner we went to a traditional Dim Sum restaurant called Din Tai Fung which is known to have the best dumplings in Shanghai. The food was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I was a little nervous about what culinary adventures I would and wouldn't embark on with this trip, but so far I am impressed with all the traditional foods I have tried, it is NOTHING like any Chinese food in the US.

That's all for now, got to cut it short since I need to get some sleep! My internal clock is still stuck somewhere in between Central US time and China time.