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The Most Glamorous Home Depot I've Ever Seen!

Kayd Roy3 Comments
I realize this is sort of stupid, but I was way too amused with this to not share on our home improvement blog.  During my recent trip to NYC, I saw the fanciest Home Depot I have ever seen while riding in a cab through the Flat Iron District.  As we zoomed by, I saw it out of the right side of the cab and yelled out "Oh my GOSH, look at that! A Home Depot, WOW!!!!!" while grabbing my camera and doing a 180 degree turn to get this quick photo. (Keep in mind this was only my second time in NYC)
 I think the cab driver and my coworker thought I was nuts for getting so excited, but I had no idea there would be a Home Depot in NYC! Makes sense though, I guess people need Home Depot everywhere, but it just looked so fancy compared to the normal ones we frequent for our Home Depot Adventures.  I think all they are missing is the lumber department.  Here is a better photo of the one I saw located at 40 West 23rd Street.  Upon looking up this photo I also read that it has 3 floors, escalators, and a much higher end assortment of appliances, sinks, countertops, tiles, and well just about everything.  That makes sense for New York I'd say.
It was also sort of funny that when I called Alex that day, the first thing I said was "I saw the coolest Home Depot today, I can't wait to show you pictures of it!" So funny the ol' HD is so close to our hearts because of our little Dutch Colonial.  Anyway, thanks for sharing in my dorkiness!  Too bad I didn't get to stop in, I bet it's not weird to wear high heels at this HD!