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Flooring? Check. Privacy? Yes Please!

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We blogged about installing our flooring a week ago and haven't posted anything about the Spare Room since.  Are we slacking??? No way! Nothing is stopping me from my new closet/ dressing room, hehe!  We were busy getting out and about picking out a few necessary items to continue our work on the space. I'm happy to report that we have gotten the window treatments installed and checked off our list! All on this very Tuesday night!  A little crazy? Yes, but I just had to share my excitement!

My inspiration for the window treatments came from Beach Brights 'Chain Link Fence Curtains'. They looked great in the very long and narrow space on her screen porch, and I thought it was a great way to add more fabric/ texture to the room and even cut back on the 'echo factor'.  
  We didn't get the same materials though, but went with the overall look.  Here is a picture of what we picked up from our favorite Swedish home store.
We picked up 2 of the Vagen curtain rods because they can extend to 12 feet and were only $9.99 each!  Since our room is so long (26ft total) it made sense to get the most bang for our buck and get the long curtain rods. For the curtains, I ended up choosing the Lenda ones from Ikea for two reasons. The first being that we already have a pair just like them in our living room and LOVE them, they are so neutral and have a nice texture to them (I never wrote a blog about them, but you can see them in this blog from November covering our slider doors).  The second reason- price, you can get a pair of these for only $14.99, steal!!! Also, they are pretty large, last time I had to hem them since our ceilings aren't very tall. I was even able to make decorative pillows with the excess fabric that I cut off, I added them in our Guest room...
We moved our Pottery Barn pillows that Layla used to decorate our guest room back to the living room (in case anyone wondered) 

Back to the windows...So our total for our window treatments so far came to about $50, not too bad considering you can spend that much on one window.

Then the measuring and mounting began, this was all Alex!
 Look at him go! The spacing for each bracket was about 6' apart.
I quickly made my measurements and got over to the sewing machine. That's right, my job during this time was sewing the curtains at the top to make them a rod pocket instead of a tab top. I'm not a fan of tab top curtains, looks like band-aids or something to me, just weird.
Then I cut off the excess fabric, sadly not enough extra for pillows or anything else fun this time.
Wait, I take that back!  After Alex got done hanging the brackets and getting the two curtain rods up, he was waiting for me to finish cutting, sewing and ironing the curtains.  So this is what he did with the excess fabric and time...
Yep, Alex did some Glamour Shots with Sadie.  Sadie got some sort of tie and skirt combo with the tab top part of the curtains... it was interesting, at least humorous while we were working on this room at 9:00pm on a Tuesday night.  I got him to focus again and he helped me get the curtains up.
Here is a peek at the room now, I didn't want to do before and afters yet because taking the photos at night doesn't really make for a good comparison (my camera takes crappy pictures at night if you haven't noticed).
Looking a little more fabulous?!?!  Getting there, oh, I forgot, we did pick up something on our trip to Architectural Antiques.  See that gold framed mirror on the floor?  That is what we brought home, thought it would be a nice glamorous addition to my dressing room space, and it was only $20!  I will get some before and afters posted this weekend when I will hopefully see some daylight! Hope to finally get my rolling racks too!
Well, it is almost 10:30, this working gal needs to catch some much needed Zzzz's, goodnight!

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