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Architectural Antiques

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 Alex and I recently discovered antique and architectural salvage stores in our own backyard.  The Northeast Arts District is full of them!  One of the stores we visited that we loved was Architectural Antiques on 14th and Qunicy.  We have been to a similar store before called City Salvage on First Ave in NE, but the size and amount of salvaged goods at Architectual Antiques was amazing!  Their website even shows Design Ideas for the antiques and even some of the case histories of the buildings they have salvaged.

Alex and I stopped in to see if we could get any ideas for the Spare Room Redo.  We cruised around the store and took a few pictures.  I'm not going to lie, the prices on a lot of the items were pretty steep, but bear in mind that all of the salvaged items were truly pieces of history (Some more than 200 years old) and each piece telling a story all it's own.  Here are some of my favorite pictures...

Lots of items salvaged from churches...

Even the front door and frame of an old house!

I though this wood booth may have been similar to what might have been in our kitchen nook?
Rows and rows of salvage antique doors.

I couldn't believe how many antique doorknobs, door plates, hinges, and other 'house jewelry' were on these tables... crazy!

Check out this old Murphy Bed with door frame included.  Does anyone else think of Full House when they see Murphy Beds?  I always think of Uncle Jessie and Aunt Becky living in the attic with their Murphy Bed... which is really weird when you write it all out right?  Anyway...

Antique vent covers, just like the ones from Amber and Ryan's cute 1907 Bungalow.
 Lastly, look at the size of this stained glass light fixture!!!  I think it would be the size of our entire dining room!  I wish I could have found out where it came from?

Well it is Sunday morning, Alex and I are about to head to the ol' Home Depot to pick up a few things for the Spare Room.  Hope to post a blog this week about our progress and maybe our design/ color scheme for the space.