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Antique Stool Update: Primer Time!

Kayd Roy3 Comments
Happy 2011 Everyone!  It is our first post of the year, how exciting! Now that the holidays are over and we have all of our Christmas decorations put away, we are ready to get back to our antique stool redo!  Side note: Is anyone else sad that all the Christmas decorations are gone now?  I feel like our house feels empty.... sad, is Spring really the next big decorating 'holiday'?

We last wrote about our antique stool project just before Christmas.  We spent a bit of the day continuing to strip off rust from the stool.  We got pretty far on the seat, nothing but shiny new -60 year old- metal!
Since we (well I'll be honest, Alex) spent a lot of time stripping rust off this little stool, we thought it would be best to prime it with Rust-Oleum's Rust Reformer.  It was a bummer though, they only sell it in black and we are planning to paint it white again. So I hope it doesn't take tons of coats of paint to cover the black primer coat. 
 I covered the rubber foot pads with blue painters tape and Alex got to priming.
 The surface is already looking much smoother, but again I really hope we can cover up that black primer with white paint!
So now (after inhaling spray paint fumes, ick) we are letting the primer dry.  We plan to paint on the white coat tomorrow night, so I hope I can post some afters by Tuesday!  Now I have to start thinking about where to put this... hmmm... kitchen?  By our back door/ mini mud room? Decisions, decisions!