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Outhouse to Schoolhouse, A New Look for the Mini Bathroom!

Kayd Roy4 Comments
In the midst of crazy Christmas decorating and debating the fate of the Spare Room off our Master Bedroom, Alex and I got a whole new crazy idea for a different room in our house.

A few weeks ago I was reading the CSI Project Blog and read through the Beautiful Bathroom Challenge.  As I scrolled through all the gorgeous bathrooms I wondered how fancy the winning bathroom would be and when I saw it I knew why it won.  Here it is the winning half bath done by Home in the Country.
A Chalkboard wall bathroom?!?!  How awesome and creative is that? Right when I saw it I knew that it was the perfect idea to spice up our Mini Bathroom. We all know I have been loving chalkboards for a while now!

Here's another inspiration photo I liked. I think we will stick to just the top half of the walls so it doesn't look this dark.

I think it is a great idea for our bathroom since it is so small, just a neat way to make it cool and unique. As of now we love how the new sink changed the space, but it is still really plain, nothing special about the space.  So here is where we left the mini bathroom last after we painted and installed a new sink:
Alex and I took an adventure to the ol' Home Depot and picked up wall trim (to divide the top and bottom halves of the walls) and 2 cans of Rustoleum Chalkboard paint.  That was all we needed to make this transformation happen!

So the first step was to cut the trim and nail into place to divide the walls. Alex got right to work, and as we have mentioned many times before, this type of project is tough in our house since it is so old and nothing is very straight and even.
Once the trim got around the little bathroom I kept thinking that we should have done that before, it already looked a lot nicer.
So, we've got the ball rolling!  Next we just have to paint!