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The Mini Bathroom Is Done! It's Nonsense But It's 'Us'!

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'Kick Up Your Heels'! (the Hammers and High Heels mantra of course), the Mini Bathroom Redo is finished! So now you can see what we did with that Ikea frame from the last blog!
 Looking back to that first blog we wrote stating the game plan, we finished adding the trim, painting the upper half with chalkboard paint, painting the lower half, then adding accessories to the room. So the next step was to 'prep' the chalkboard paint by coating it with chalk (on the directions of the paint). So Alex got busy covering the room with chalk, just a warning if you do this it was a dusty mess.
 So here it was then (check out the blog about our 'Elf' sink change, it is awesome!)....
And here we are now!
 For our re-do we added basic wall trim in the middle of the walls ($13), Chalkboard Paint ($10), Behr Cumberland Fog Paint for the lower walls (free, reused leftovers from Guest Room), Ikea Frame (reused from another room), vintage wall hooks ($4.99 each), window curtains (Target, $14.99 each x 2), bath towel (Target $11.99) = roughly $75 total, which isn't too bad for replacing the gold paint and Butt Fart for a more grown up but still very fun feel.
 On the vintage wall hooks I got from Bachman's I hung a chalkboard eraser from ribbon and a mini metal can of chalk.
 They are hung just below the trim.......anyone recognize the quote?!?! One of my favorite movies!
 Another view...
 I'm thinking we still need something behind the toilet since the space looks a little empty.  I like the idea of a small vintage drawer used as a shelf like this one from Bachman's Idea House. Or even the metal hooks behind the toilet.
So did you pick up on our theme for the walls? Alex and I decided to cover the walls with some of our favorite movie quotes (for the increased entertainment value of our guests). It was a blast!
 These are a couple of my favorite quotes in general, know which movies they are from?!?!
 Here is one of Alex's favorites.
We have handful of quotes from several other movies in our newly redone little 'Outhouse' from the likes of: The Wizard of Oz, Drop Dead Gorgeous (hey I'm a Minnesota girl now!), Gladiator, Alice In Wonderland (the original), Vanilla Sky, The Last Samurai, Elf, An Education, Forrest Gump, No Country For Old Men, K Pax, The Great Outdoors, Dumb and Dumber, Invictus, Gone with the Wind, and The Brothers Bloom. Yea, we didn't exactly follow a specific theme, we just went with movies that stuck with us over time.

So what do you think? We know it's weird, but it's fun, it's different, it's 'Us' and we are totally having fun with it! We spent a good hour cracking each other up with our fun quotes and bumping into each other as we graffitied the walls with chalk.  Feel free to submit (comment) themes or fun ideas for the bathroom walls since we will love changing it up once in a while.

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