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Simple Steps To Make Your Own Tunic Dress! Perfect For Holiday, Or Any Day Events!

Kayd Roy4 Comments
We are departing from the 'Hammers' world for a 'High Heels' blog! 
I mentioned this project in my Thanksgiving day blog.  I love wearing tunic dresses in the winter season.  They go perfectly with leggings or tights and a great pair of boots; belted or unbelted with a bold necklace. I wanted to find a cute one to wear for Thanksgiving since we were hosting dinner, then I thought hmmm, I should just make one! Here is a link to one I liked from BCBG and another from Topshop. I figured it couldn't be too hard, and it wasn't!  Here are the steps so you can make your own, just needs a great belt or necklace to finish the look!
Here is a picture of the finished product on my vintage dressform.  You get a better glimpse of how the bottom hem works.
Here's a closer shot of the necklace I wore with the tunic. Totally love it and it was only $10.80 from Forever 21, great steal!
Here's a picture of me wearing it on Thanksgiving with a cute pair of tights and boots.  I was so happy with the look, very cute and comfortable for a busy day!