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Mine at Last! We're Set for Thanksgiving Dinner!

Kayd Roy3 Comments
Even though I got these a couple weeks ago I thought since Thanksgiving is Thursday, it was perfect timing to share my new kitchen/ dining room purchases!  Target had this great collection on a focal in the store, it was as though all the pieces were made to match our kitchen, nook and dining room!  Even though I wanted to purchase it all immediately upon seeing it, I only bought the red measuring cups (shown below with the cute little handle) and some hand towels first.  Then, one lucky weekend it was all 30% off!  So I went crazy and stocked up!  I got the entire set of numbered canisters!!!
I am a sucker for numbered things (duh) and I love how well it coordinates with my handmade numbered chair covers. (and I can't forget the numbered and text pillows from Pottery Barn in the Living Room).
The other matching elements we picked up were these cute little spice canisters.  One is currently keeping our coffee maker company and has sugar in it. Sadly, the other doesn't have anything in it yet (it's just sitting there being cute for now).
Lastly, I picked up the new mixing/serving bowls and corresponding platter.  I love that all of our new dining pieces match the dining room perfectly. I can't wait to use them on Thanksgiving since we will be hosting and making dinner for the second year in a row!  I hope our 13lb. turkey fits on the platter, hmmm?  It will be our first time making a turkey too since we did cornish game hens last year.
 I just might have to blog about our Thanksgiving dinner spread too!  As long as we don't destroy dinner!  Keep your fingers crossed for us!