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It's A Winter Wonderland! Time to Bust Out the Boots, Shovels, Gloves, and My Dorky Side!

Kayd Roy4 Comments
It was 66 degrees and sunny here in Minneapolis on Wednesday.  We heard a lot of chatter about a snow storm that might hit Saturday, and well, it hit hard!  We woke up and the ground was already covered at 7am. 6 inches had fallen by 1:00pm! In the forecast now; 10 inches total by tomorrow morning!  Being from Michigan, we are used to a lot of snow, but man, it is just colder and snowier here in Minneapolis! Definitely the worst thing about being a Minnesotan, the winters!  Boo! 

Alex and I had planned to go on an Adventure to the Ol' Home Depot today to start researching some of our ideas for the spare room upstairs (lots of comments and suggestions from that posting, we love all the ideas and might be landing on a decision!). This is what it looked like outside when we got there, just a blizzard!  Roads and parking lots weren't plowed so it was an adventure just driving there.
Here I am, full out dorky side starting to show.  There's just something about the first snow that makes me feel like a goofy, cheerful kid again.  Oh, it was really fun digging out my 'wookie' boots and big down coat this morning as well... surprise!
We looked at flooring for the spare room and some paint colors.  We also picked up some wood for our fireplace.  Alex and I have never used the fireplace because I am scared to, but we are going to try it for the first time tonight.  What am I scared of?  Mainly the house burning down, the dogs getting in it, or the TV falling off the wall, and the smell, I am not a fan of fireplace smell.  I will post a blog about the experience.

With all the snow, I helped make our drive home more interesting by listening to Christmas music (dorky moment #2).  I captured the essence of my bizzare mood in the video below, Alex wasn't so much a fan. (I apologize for my no make-up face, not very 'high heels' of me!)

When we got home we took the pups out into the snow again.  They both have been in snow before, but every year it is like the first time for them.  They are so shocked by the cold wet stuff!  Rocco just wanted back inside, but I managed to get this cute picture of him.  Doesn't he look like a little snowball?!?!
Sadie was more geeked about the snow after she got used to it.  Her eyes look like they are going to pop out of her head!

This is my dorky moment #3.  Alex had to shovel and I didn't want him to hang out alone, so I stood by and made a snow-woman (why do they always have to be men?).  So here she is!  I thought the best way to show she was a lady was, ahem, the chest area, so I put an old swimsuit on her!  Not sure what the neighbors will think, we hope they find it to be humorous like we do.
Well, here's to hoping the snow won't stay all the way until March (ick)!