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Henri's Room Reveal! Plus Our "Hand" Made Artwork!

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Back at the beginning of this month, I blogged about my first design assignment to decorate my nephew Henri's room.  I also posted a blog about the inspiration I found and everything I bought for his room. Since our family came for a visit over Thanksgiving I was able to hand over all the goodies for Henri's room.  Amber and Ryan got to work quickly and got his room all set up, so now we can REVEAL THE AFTER PHOTOS!!!

So, again here is the 'Before'

Now, (drumroll) the 'Afters'!!!! 
I was a little sad I couldn't be there when Henri got to see it, my sister in law said he just kept smiling and pointing at all the new things.  When he would point she said he would do his cute little grunting thing, so I think that means he loved it! I mainly added new textiles to the room, so I know I didn't do any big crazy changes but goodness, $150 (you can read the budget breakdown here) of new things to brighten up the room and add color really made a big difference!

I added Henri's initals to the frames I picked up at Ikea!
We made the cute wall canvas all together while they were in town.  I love sentimental art, and I think this is really special for Henri to have since he doesn't get to see his Auntie and Uncle very much.
So this little yellow stool that was only $7.99 at Ikea turned out to be Henri's favorite new thing!  While he was at our house he would sit on it and kick his little legs or he would push it all around our house while giggling. We still have to bring the art easel we mentioned in the last blog to their house, but he is still a little young for that now anyway.
Here is a super cute picture of Henri playing in his fun colorful new room! You can also see the bright new bedding. I love all the bold colors and those curtains are so fun!
Here is a closer view of the handprint canvas and you can see the back wall with the addition of the cloud decals I ordered from Etsy.
 We captured the moment when we made the artwork for his wall, it was so much fun!  Here are Henri's momma in red and papa in green getting messy with the paint!
Auntie and Uncle were yellow and blue!
Alex and I in action!
Henri made orange handprints, it was SO cute when he touched the paint with his hands!  He made the cutest little grunting sound and a scruched up smile!
Here's the final product for Henri's wall (don't you love the little orange blobs from Henri)?!  We all signed the corner with our names and the date.  I hope he loves it as he gets older and holds on to it, you know, like bring it with him to college (hehe, JK)!
So, what do you think?!?!  I've never decorated a kid's room before, but it was so much fun departing from my world of black, white, grey, blue and all things dull and neutral!  Thanks for following up and checking out Henri's room! I really wanted him to have a bright, fun playful space to grow in and I think it turned out amazing and I am happy Amber and Ryan let me help out!