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The HELP Flag is Up! Tell Us What We Should Do With This Room!

Kayd Roy16 Comments
Alex and I are ready to get started turning a somewhat awkward space in our house into a useful room with purpose!  Problem is, we don't quite know what it should we need your help!!!!  The room in question is off of our master bedroom (while we still haven't gotten started redoing that room, it is definitely on the to do list as well).  This picture is taken from our master bedroom. Between our 'too stinkin tiny for all the stuff we have' his and her closets, there is an archway with a glass panel door that leads out to what we have called 'the sunroom' since we moved in.
This room was an addition built on to our house at some point in time.  Originally it was a 2nd floor outdoor patio/ balcony.  We know this because all of our neighbors have them, and one neighbor has an identical house without the addition.  I was trying to research why all the houses around here have 2nd floor balconies/ patios, but I still can't find a good answer.  During some of my research I did stumble upon a  New York Times article from 1895 about Dutch Colonial Homes that was kind of fun.  It detailed a Dutch Colonial home's layout which was pretty spot on with our house. I think I am going to start calling one of our rooms a 'parlor', I love the old lingo!  But yes, it is titled 'Cheap Colonial Homes' since suburbs didn't exist and families were building homes themselves.  They quoted these homes costing around $4,000-$5,500, which matched the price on the original building card to our house which I blogged about here.

But back to the room we need help with...
Here is the opposite view of the door from the 'sunroom'.
Now you can see why we need help, it is a LONG and NARROW room with 5 large bright windows.  A few people have suggested making this a closet, but I can't seem to fathom turning a room with so much natural light into a closet.
Oddly, when we saw the house before buying, we thought this room was kind of cool. I guess we still think it is cool, just fun and unique with the slanted ceilings and all the windows.  We are just a little stumped as to what we should do with it, so we need some ideas before we get started! (we already know the nasty carpet has to go ASAP!) 
Keep in mind, we have a guest room and office already, so what should it be?  Sitting room?  Reading room? Extension of master suite? Exercise room?  I have no idea!  I just know that once we get a good idea and get started, this could likely be the coolest room in the house!  If you do read this pretty, pretty, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT letting us know what we should do with this room!  I would love to get lots of new ideas, who knows, you might have one we haven't thought of!  Once we get a good idea, we will put a plan in place and start blogging the room redo!