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Before and After: 1 Year With Sadie Edition

Kayd Roy1 Comment
I know we mainly stick to 'Before' and 'Afters' of our house, but today marks a special day in our household!  Exactly 1 year ago today we brough little Sadie home.  She was so tiny!  Here is our 'Before' picture, the first picture we took of her when we brought her to PetSmart.  She was only about 12 lbs, the same size as Rocco.
Here is our 'After' one year later.  She is now about 55lbs, so crazy how much she has grown!  We had Rocco for a little over a year and a half by himself (he told us he wanted a buddy for Christmas last year, hehe).
Having 2 dogs definitely makes our house a little chaotic at times and sometimes all the pretty decor gets messed up, but they keep life interesting around here. 
Last year Sadie couldn't reach our Christmas tree all that much since she was so tiny, makes me wonder what she will be like with a large live tree in the house?  Guess we'll see, getting started on that this week!