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Bathroom Redo #2 is Complete! 'After' Pictures!

Kayd Roy11 Comments
We are DONE with the Bathroom Redo of Our Redo!!!!  Before I get to the fabulous 'after' pictures, let's take a trip down the memory lane of all the wonderful experiences we had with this bathroom (sarcasm font).  You can click this link and see all of the bathroom redo posts.

Here is our very, very 'before' photo, taken just after moving in.  Note the flooring, toilet, and trim at the base of the window frame that goes around the room.
 During our first redo go around, we decided to remove the trim, old medicine cabinet, and repaint (we aren't really fans of any shade of green for some reason... greys and blues are our kind of thing)!
 So after the first redo, we ended up here.  New medicine cabinet, paint, and glass tile backsplash.
What is the one thing we didn't mess with the first time around?  The tile floor, which over time began to detriorate.  Note the grout missing and uneven tiles.
So after almost a year of hating the floor, Alex did this (much to my excitement)!

DRUMROLL!!!!  Here it is!
Yes, it is tiny, but it is our biggest bathroom, and now it is fabulous!  I am in love with the beadboard, makes it look so clean, bright and new!  The beadboard also adds that 'old house charm' to our little bathroom.  One thing you might notice, I ended up taking out the stool from our 'Sort Of Mudroom' and added it to our bathroom (so I have to figure out that space again).  The stool fit perfectly and I love the folded towels with the basket of hand towels on top.
Here is a photo that shows the other side of the sink and our fancy new toilet!
Closer look at the basket and glass tile backsplash.
My favorite part is still the floor.  It was a major problem in this room before, and even made me embarrassed when we had guests.  Now it is level, the grout is perfect, and the black and white tile design is so 'old school' and charming!  I just love our new bathroom!
 I have to say, Alex really did a great job with this (even though he admits that it took too darn long).  There wasn't a whole lot I could help with other than painting and decorating. Love my handy hubby!