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Our Latest Junkin' Antique Finds

Kayd RoyComment
Per the recommendation from our good friend Amber, we hit up an antique shop called Abigal Paige in Hudson, Wisconsin.  It was an awesome shop! We found some great items and the prices were so reasonable!

Here is an antique measuring stick we scored for $6, now on our mantel.
 I have been dying to find an old antique-y or chippy ladder and we found this little guy!  Still not sure on the final home it will have, but we are kind of liking it in our nook by our antique chalkboard.  Otherwise, it may end up in our new upstairs bathroom.
 Here is a look at the "chippy" texture on the ladder.
 Lastly, we found this cute "carnival cane" (that is what the tag said) for $7.  We thought it would be a cute piece of decor for the hooks in our 'sort of' mud room.  We had been looking for an antique umbrella to hang, but think this still looks cute.  I still want to find an umbrella though!
 Closer picture of the detail on the cane...
The last time Alex and I went antique shopping was our Junkin' experience with Layla and Kevin Palmer from The Lettered Cottage.  I think since that experience, we have more fun and take more pride in 'junkin'.  Alex and I had a blast sifting through the fun things we found and trying to think of where the items would fit best in our house.  I think it is the only kind of shopping we enjoy doing together (well grocery shopping is still fun).  But it is kind of a treasure hunt, it was so exciting!  Can't wait to do it again!