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It's Halloween! Time to Reveal Our Costumes!

Kayd RoyComment
We took a day off of house projects to enjoy some Halloween festivities.  Before I get to reveal our costumes, I have to share some pictures of the cute Halloween things in our house that will sadly go away after today.  Here is our antique chalkboard (tutorial on how to make one of your own is in this blog) that we seemed to keep adding Halloween drawings to throughout the month.  My favorite is Alex's drawing of the witch on the left.

With our pumpkins and candles lit in the fireplace, we watched a couple classic scary movies   This created the perfect spooky ambiance for a movie!
Drumroll...Here is Alex in this year's costume creation!  He is an evil butcher, Alex likes to go all out on Halloween and wear something super creepy. 
Here is a close up of his face.  He used an FX mask that you glue on with spirit gum so it moves with your face.  In his true DIY spirit, Alex made the rest on his own, got the apron, hat, gloves and thermal, then burned and bloodied them up.  I totally loved it!
Here is mine, not as scary and cool as Alex's but I found out 3 years ago that I don't like being scary (I was a zombie, Alex helped put it together for me, people just looked at me like I was gross all night, kind of made me sad).  So I usually stick with something cute but matching to Alex, so I was a Chick-A-Dee waitress (wished I sewed something myself, but got too busy with other projects).  So, evil butcher and the waitress at his shop kind of thing.  We went out to a costume party with some friends, the best part was watching all the reactions to Alex's costume......Very Fun! 
Well, I hope everyone has a great Halloween!  I can't wait to hand out candy to the kids in the neighborhood and check out all the costumes later tonight!