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More Decorating with Our Finds from Junk Bonanza!

Kayd Roy3 Comments
We had so much fun shopping at Junk Bonanza!  We ended up getting a few more things for our house other than what we picked out with Layla and Kevin for our Guest Room.  So here are the rest of our finds and where we put them.

I love antique crates because we have limited storage space in just about every room in our house, these crates are a perfect way to add some charm and extra storage in our kitchen.
I put this crate by our oven (which was also a huge project) to store all of our random spices and other junk that clutters up our shelf.

 The next crate was added to my collection on top of our fridge (which is now complete)!  Before we never had the extra storage above our fridge, and now we can put away a lot of clutter and keep our cabinets cleaner.  I also love that this antique crate had the side painted white, perfect to accent our trim.
 Here are all 3 that fit the space.
 I mentioned these metal markers were found in this blog, we decided to hang this above our windows by our sideboard in the dining room.
 Here is a view of the marker in the dining room, I think it looks perfect under the arch.  Also, here you can see we moved the metal chargers that used to be in the dining room and replaced them with antique tin tiles.  Layla and Kevin used one of the metal chargers in our guest room and then we moved the other to our sort of mud room.
 Here is a closer view of the antique tin tiles, I love the wires that they hang from as well.
 And that was it!  Wish we could have got more at Junk Bonanza, but we have to keep saving for our many other projects.  We will definitely be there next year though!