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Our Deck Redo

Kayd Roy1 Comment
Since our 'Operation Ugly Yard Overhaul' is nearing completion (I hope), we decided it was time to start a new project in our backyard. Our deck has been a problem that we have known about for a while, the wood was untreated and left outdoors for who knows how long so it became rotted and warped, so it was time to tear it apart! Here is a photo of Rocco on our deck, the wood is green and rotting...

Another huge problem, the spacing of the boards, over an inch!!!! Our poor little pup Sadie got her whole paw stuck in one of these cracks one day, and just cried and wailed! It was terrible, it gave us more motivation to fix the problem ASAP.

We began by taking down the vinyl deck railing, which I must say, isn't very high quality stuff, I would never use this in the future, it came apart all the time and was squeaky.

Then Alex had to unscrew all the boards and take them off. I carried them away, didn't use the drill!
So now we have just the frame and are ready to get new boards! We are planning on doing a two level deck, so this deck will be level with our house and we will have stairs leading down to the lower deck. I can't wait to have more room to entertain! But for the upper level, Alex is going to build in a bench at the boarder instead of having the railing all around, I think it will be perfect! Can't wait to show the afters!