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The Little Mazda that Could

Kayd RoyComment
We got our Mazda 6 a couple years ago, when we got it we just thought it was a fun and pretty practical car, worked well for hauling Alex's biking stuff and had room for the dogs. We never really thought about how much stuff we could fit in it, and over the years, we have managed to fit some pretty crazy stuff for the house in it! I don't have photos for it, but when we bought our new washer and dryer for the house, we were able to deliver them home ourselves in the Mazda, seperately of course, and we were able to bring our new stove home in the car too! It is amazing what you can fit in a hatchback!

So, when we started on planting grass in the yard, we had to haul A LOT of soil back back to the house. We were able to get asbout 18 40lb bags in the car without weighing it down to the ground, so we had to do this about 3 times.
Our other big car load for the yard was when we picked up 10 Morning Glories and soil, that was a fun car ride, had a full garden in the back of the car!
Now we just have to hope these take off and grow and cover our ugly chain link fence! The greenery will look so much better!