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DIY Zippered Pouch with Angled Corners

Kayd RoyComment
Hello and happy Monday from sub-zero Minneapolis!  Hope you had a nice weekend, I'd say mine was nice-ish because even though I hate being trapped inside during this long stale part of winter, I did manage to tackle a couple sewing projects!  So... WIN (slash "nice-ish")!

First up to share is an update to my DIY Leather Zippered Clutch tutorial from last year.  The new twist- Angled corners!
Not gonna lie, it's a pretty simple update honestly :)  Glad that I went ahead and tried it though because I still use my zippered clutch/pouches all the time and after a year, it's pretty nice to have something a bit different to make the ol' zippered clutch look new and fresh!

The DIY steps start the same as the original tutorial (click here for those steps!) but instead of sewing the rectangular shaped corners, you'll will make a 45 degree angle...
... and then cut off the excess/triangle corner piece.  Easy-peasy!

Like I said, not rocket science or anything, just a simple switch-up to something I've loved for the past year!  They say change is always good, right?

In case you missed them, below are a few pics along with post links for the previous Zippered Clutch tutorials in case you missed them...
 Original DIY Zippered Clutch tutorial 

 Zippered Clutch with Handle Strap tutorial

Hope to share the tote bag I've been working on next!  Fingers crossed it doesn't end up being a huge FAIL... eek!   Wish me luck!

What do you think of the new clutch/pouch shape?

What new twist/update would you have done instead?

Wainscotting Wins! Following Up with Holly & Brian's Mudroom Project

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Back in December I shared an entryway project that my sister Holly and her hubby Brian have in the works. Out of the three options Brian drew up, everyone really responded to....    
 Option #2 in the comments
Wainscoting and a Dark Stained Bench 
Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

Brian also wondered if instead of cubbies for baskets, should they build a bench with a cover that opens for storage?
I thought that was a cool idea that might give them more storage than the baskets would. 
What do you think?

Also, here is a look in the opposite direction at the cabinet they were concerned about (along with their Pomeranian's poofy tail, Lola must have wanted some of Rocco and Sadie's spotlight).
Brian drew up what the wainscoting would look like over in this corner with the cabinets to get a better idea of how it would turn out.
What do you think? 
Do you like the wainscoting all around?
Or would you leave it off the wall with the cabinets?
Or would that be weird?

Really, let us know what you think!  Makes this whole blogging thing fun, ya know!

PS- You can now follow us by email!  I added that feature mid-way down our right sidebar if you are interested!

Project Feature: DIY Entry Storage Ideas

Kayd Roy7 Comments
Today I have the great pleasure of featuring some great entry storage ideas thanks to my sister Holly and her handy hubby Brian (you might remember their DIY Built-Ins we featured in May)!

A couple days ago, they sent me an email with photos illustrating some storage ideas for their entryway....
This enterance is from their garage, so the door you see is the door to the garage (just for reference).  They have been wanting to add in a bench in this space for shoe storage along with something above it, but aren't sure which look to go for.

Want to help them decide?  Sure you do!!! Let's take a closer look at each option...

Option #1: A bench with cubbie spaces for baskets and a chalkboard with hooks above.

 Option #2: A bench with cubbies for baskets and wainscoting on wall.  This time the bench has a dark stained top which matches the wood color on the cabinet across from where the bench would go (see it in the right corner of the photo?).  With the wainscoting, they would add in hooks somewhere along the top of the trim.
Option #3: Same as Option 2 only with a white bench top.

A few things to consider:
  • All the trim in their house is white
  • Their cabinetry color & wood flooring is a dark wood stain
  • This space has tile flooring
  • There is no other wainscoting in their house
  • There is a floor cabinet and wall mounted cabinet across from where the bench would be (highlighted with arrows in photo below), and it might be tricky adding the wainscoting on that wall.  
That last one is probably the one they have the most concerns with.  Not only would it be difficult to install the wainscoting around the base cabinet and above it's countertop, it might end up looking awkward?

What do you think? 
Which option should they go with given all the considerations? 
Do you have any other suggestions for their entryway?
We would love to hear your thoughts or post a link to similar projects if you've completed one yourself!
Thanks to Holly and Brian for letting me share their project!

Feature Project: Holly and Brian's Fireplace Built Ins

Kayd Roy20 Comments
I am very excited to feature this awesome DIY project.  Why?  Because it was done by my amazing sister Holly and brother in-law Brian (and obviously because it is an awesome DIY project)!  Check out their new DIY Built In cabinets and shelving surrounding their fieldstone fireplace!
Holly and Brian live in Michigan, so I heard by phone that Brian had been working on some built ins (it still kills me I can't see this stuff in person). Then just a couple of weeks ago she sent me a photo of the finished product... I was amazed!  It was too good to not share on the ol' blog, especially when she told me that Brian had photographed his progress!  Hammers and High Fives to Brian for the sleek and stellar DIY spirit (I'm sure they're going to think I am an idiot for that one, tee-hee)!

Here is a picture of Alex, myself, Brian and Holly from their 4th of July visit to Minneapolis.  Funny story, we all dressed for the red, white and blue theme, and Brian wore a shirt that said Germany :)  
Fun fact: my sister is a whole head taller than me, I think she and Brian are sitting in this photo. She never requires high  heels like I do!
We actually all got married in the summer of 2009, not at the same time though of course- that would have been weird!  After things settled down they decided it was time to build the house of their dreams.  Long story short, they bought their land in January, started working on plans in April, dug the first hole in July, then finally moved in to their brand new home on Halloween in 2010.  Their house is beautiful! They made sure to add some detail and character that you would commonly only find in older arts and crafts/ craftsman style homes.  This detail shines through in their arched hallways and thoughtful woodwork throughout the house. Maybe I'll get to show you more someday (wink)?

Since Brian is pretty handy, he did leave a few projects for himself instead of having the builders do them.  This was the case for their built ins around the fireplace. 

Here is a 'before' photo:
 They knew they wanted some nice cabinets and shelving for storage and decor.

 Here is Brian's list for this DIY project:
Combination of 2x4's/MDF for the base structure.
MDF for the cabinet bases and side pieces of the vertical shelf unit and base cabinet shelves.
Poplar for all the trim (including face frames, door frames, crown molding, upper shelf frame)
Maple Plywood for the shelving with a Poplar piece for the front edge trim.
1/4" maple plywood for the door inserts (and side of right cabinet to get the "panelized" look)
 Note: All shelves and cabinet base top edging was routed with a 3/16" router bit.

Brian got started by framing in a base for the DIY built in using 2x4's and MDF.
He then built each cabinet section separately, here is a closer look.
Next, the cabinet frame went into place.
With the cabinet bottom in place, he built in (get it?) the top of the shelving unit using more 2x4's and MDF....Just look at the progress!
With the bones of the left side complete, Brian started in on the right side with the same process.  Hmmm, I wonder what they were watching?  Anyway...
Here is a look with both base cabinets built
Then he added the shelves on both sides.  Here you can see he added the 1/4" maple plywood to the exposed right side for that 'panelized' look.  He framed the 4 sides of the panel in with the poplar trim.
Here is a closer look at the 1/4" maple plywood 'panel' before he added the poplar trim to all sides.
Then he placed the rest of the poplar trim on the front of the shelves and top of the unit.
Looking good right?
Lastly, it was time to bust out the trusty blue painters tape and paint them white.
Almost done...
Now before I show the 'after' again, we have to look back at the 'before' for dramatic effect!
So here was their fireplace before...
...and here it is after Brian's big crazy DIY project! Gorgeous right?!?!  Now Holly just has to get creative and go crazy decorating the shelves!
The total cost of their DIY built ins was around $400.00.  Which is less than half of the $1,000.00 they were quoted from their contractor, pretty awesome savings right?

 I hope you enjoyed this DIY journey!  Special thanks to Holly and Brian for letting me share their project on our blog!  If you love their new built-ins be sure to tell them in the comments!